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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Farewell to the park

I've been spicing up the time before Cata by leveling up some little Alliance lowbies (not so lowbie any more - the hunter's nearly 50 now!) on another server. I only have a few slots left on my main's server and those are reserved for gobbos. So we picked another RP server to level Alliance toons on and this will be the home for our eventual worgen toons. My first worgen's going to be another druid, I think.

Anyway, as we were running around Stormwind avoiding elemental invasions and doing our leveling thing, my friend pointed out that the Stormwind Park was going away or at least was going to be drastically altered by the Shattering. So I decided that we had to have a picnic to say goodbye before it went.

The Pilgrim's Bounty holiday event provided the perfect means - a delicious Bountiful Feast and some drinks from The Blue Recluse provided the refreshments for my hunter and a few friends I browbeat persuaded to join me.


Goodbye, Stormwind Park. You will be missed.

With the Shattering landing today, what will you miss about the old Azeroth? For the most part, I'm excited about all the changes and new content but I'm sure that I will suffer the occasional nostalgic pang for the olden days.

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