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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recount doesn't love Skull Bash like I do

I've got a bigger post that I'm working on (mostly in response to a question about how2feral, so I'll be talking about timer addons and move suggesters), but just thought I'd post this quick fyi for now about interrupt data for kitties. It turns out that Recount doesn't track interrupt data for Skull Bash (either cat or bear form versions). Apparently it's something to do with how it's tracked in the combat log (it doesn't trigger a SPELL_INTERRUPT event) - it's handled differently from almost all the other interrupts in the game for some reason. So really, it's not just a Recount problem - most other addons which track/announce interrupts will not count Skull Bash either. It still very much works as an interrupt though (and I use it to good effect!) so don't go thinking your ferals suck at interrupting. We're just sneakier about it.



  1. Frankly, the idea of a Bear trying to do anything sneakily, kind of amuses me.

    But yea, that's weird. Did they just come up with some new tech or something for handling interrupts, and Ferals are the only one who got it so far? It would be interesting to find out why they did this.

  2. I suspect it's a consistency issue and I wonder if the problem exists with Rebuke as well - different teams write scripts differently.