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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Low Focus! (Setting up a new trigger in MSBT)

One of my new babies is a draenei hunter (level 53 already!!!) and I found myself wanting an audible alert for low focus. I knew I could probably do it in Power Auras but I thought it might be nice to set it up in MikScrollingBattleText instead, especially since I've started getting used to its low mana and health alerts. So I looked around and played with it a bit and this is what I figured out.

First, open up your MSBT options by typing /msbt and select Triggers. Click the "Add New Trigger" button - for my output message I put "Low Focus! (%a)" (basically copying the output for the low mana and health triggers).

Then open up the configuration for the new trigger by clicking the gear icon.
I specified hunter for the trigger class. I'm sure it's unnecessary but I like to be thorough.
When you first bring up the configurations interface for the trigger, the event will be blank. That's where we'll tell MSBT what we want to actually trigger the notification. So select the "Add Event" button and a new options interface will pop up.

The event we're looking for is "Power Change". Once you've selected that, you need to set your conditions. As you can see above, the conditions I selected were Power Type Is Equal To Focus, Unit ID Is Equal To You, and Threshold Is Less Than 20. (Maybe I should change it to 30 though... I'm still playing with it.)

I also added an exception:

That was basically so it wouldn't keep dinging at me as long as I'm at low focus. I only need to know once I hit the mark and then I can switch to steady shot or pop fervor or whatever.

I wanted an audible alert for it as well as the visual notification so I set that too. To access the font/sound options, you click the crossed tools rather than the gear next to it in the trigger list.

I used the low mana alert because I'm used to it. You can always create your own sound files and use those instead of the presets though.

And this is what the visual cue looks like:
The yellow text above my head tells me my focus is below my trigger condition mark, and what percentage it's at.
What do you think? What would you do differently? Found another use for MSBT? Let me know in the comments.

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