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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cataclysm, Heroics and a Power Auras export

I've been too busy leveling and working on rep to post here the last couple of weeks.

My druid's 85, got there the Friday after launch. She's almost exalted with Therazane and Dragonmaw, which pleases me, then I can focus on Earthen Ring and eventually Ramkahen (do want camels! but gear comes first *sigh*).

I referred frequently to The Fluid Druid's gear list as I was leveling so I knew what I was specifically looking for. Not that it was really an issue as I planned on doing all of the new quests on her. I do highly recommend that guide (and his blog in general) for ferals - it's been very helpful!

I've done a few heroics though I've been frustrated by the lack of adequately geared guildies to run them with. I've alternated between queuing as a tank or dps - still learning the instances, once I feel more comfortable I'll probably be tanking more. I'm pretty happy with my threat/dps as bear, and mostly feel that my dps as kitty is appropriate to my gear level. Even better, I think my survivability as kitty is quite good (I've put points in Nurturing Instinct and Survival Instincts, both of which I highly recommend - Gali's build) and I've been enjoying having an interrupt finally. I definitely think the new instances are challenging but I also see things getting better as more people learn the fights and get the gear, so I don't think they're necessarily overtuned for the most part.

I also tanked my first Baradin Hold run yesterday - Argaloth is actually pretty easy and once everyone learned not to stand in the (green!) fire, we got him down without a hitch. The main challenge for me was watching Omen and balancing threat with my co-tank (a pally). If I kept up my full rotation I would pull him off her but if I eased off she would pull off of me. What seemed to work best was for me to pull first and pop Berserk, then I would keep my Lacerate stacks up while she was tanking him so I could pop Pulverize and Thrash after the switch. That seemed to give me enough of a boost to keep up with her but not overtake her either for the most part. I need to fix my macro for demoralizing roar though - I paired it with Lacerate in a lazy macro and I think I need to tweak it a little bit. It felt really good to kill a raid boss again, even if it's just the PvP guy.

Now I'm slowly working on leveling the priest next.

While in a late night guild run of H BRC, I made a Power Aura for tracking stacks of Evolution on the Corla fight, so here it is for you:
Version:4.4; icon:Achievement_Dungeon_Nexus80_Heroic; buffname:Evolution; bufftype:2; textaura:true; y:-32; stacks.enabled:true; stacks.y:-179; stacks.x:-2; stacks.h:6.15

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